Bastidor de vigas de servicio pesado

Bastidor de vigas de servicio pesado

The heavy type of pallet rack is the most cost effective storage system with the lowestequipment and capital costs. It provides direct access to all pallets for 100% accessibility and good stock rotation. 1. Cross section is optimized design and made of high quality steel. 2. The upright...

The & nbsp;heavy & nbsp;type & nbsp;of & nbsp;pallet & nbsp;rack & nbsp;is & nbsp;the & nbsp;most & nbsp;cost & nbsp;effective & nbsp;storage & nbsp;system & nbsp;with & nbsp;the & nbsp;lowestequipment & nbsp;and & nbsp;capital & nbsp;costs. & nbsp;It & nbsp;provides & nbsp;direct & nbsp;access & nbsp;to & nbsp;all & nbsp;pallets & nbsp;for & nbsp;100% & nbsp;accessibility & nbsp;and & nbsp;good & nbsp;stock & nbsp;rotation.

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Nombre del estante

& nbsp;Warehouse storage heavy duty metal stacking selective & nbsp; pallet racks / shelf / shelving rack & nbsp; & nbsp;


RAL system (Uprights is blue , beam is orange , or customized & nbsp; )


Q235 steel / Metal & nbsp; metallic & nbsp;

Surface & nbsp; Treatment

Recubrimiento en polvo

Capacidad de carga

800kgs to 4500kgs/layer & nbsp;


Warehouse storage & nbsp; for palletized goods


Customized & nbsp;

Servicio de OEM



10 sets




Resistente a la corrosión, fácil montaje y altura ajustable.


1.Total stock control: each storage space is taken up by a & nbsp; single pallet.
& nbsp; 2.Maximum adaptability to any load type both in terms of weight and volume.
& nbsp; 3.It can be combined with longspan beams for manual selection of goods.
& nbsp; 4. Para almacenar una mayor cantidad de paletas, los bastidores dobles de - de profundidad pueden ser & nbsp; instalado permitiendo que una paleta se almacene frente a otra en cada lado & nbsp; del pasillo


pallet rack 3

1. Cross section is optimized design and made of high quality steel.
2. The upright distance can be adjustable at every 50mm with safe pin.
3. The beam is DOUBLE C STRUCTURE.
4. The safety ratio is 1.68.
5. The cross section shaping is after 20 times processed to make sure the high density storage safety.


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