Strengthen Quality Inspection And Protection

Strengthen Quality Inspection And Protection

Date:Apr 16, 2020

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The novel coronavirus situation abroad has been on the rise. Since OTS Racking resumed work, all employees still pay attention to protection issues and will not cause trouble to the country. While protecting against viruses, we still maintain our original intention and ensure product quality all the time , bring high-quality racking to customers. We sincerely hope that the world can end the epidemic as soon as possible.

1. The materials of the storage shelves are generally selected from cold-rolled steel profiles

2. The spraying treatment on the surface of the storage shelf must be uniform and have strong adhesion. Whether the surface of the storage shelf is uniform depends on whether the inner edge of the column hole of the storage shelf is missing. During inspection, you can gently tap with a harder material. The surface of the storage shelf is easy to fall off, indicating that the storage shelf is easy to rust.

3. For the welding process, the best way is to look even and full when looking at the welding port. It is better if it shows fish scales, and the welding port should have no leakage welding or no welding.

4. The structure of the storage shelf. The column of the storage shelf depends on whether the bending of the interface is more and even. If the bending of the storage shelf is more and more uniform, it means that the structure of the storage shelf is better. The measurement of the storage shelf depends on the hook structure of the beam and the form of the beam hanging to the column. The hook of the beam is hung on the column to see whether the contact between the hook and the column is close. The more hooks of the beam, the better, because the more stress The better.

5. Then all we have to do is to rationalize the assembly of the shelves. The stability of the shelves mentioned above is very important, and the best reflection of the stability of the shelves is to see the effect of the shelf assembly process and after the assembly is completed:

   1) The overall shelf is stable, coordinated, and beautiful, and the overall size is consistent with the drawing: mainly considering the shelf design specifications, selected materials, material thickness, etc., whether it can meet the user's requirements for load bearing, and there is no need to select a shelf with a strong load bearing capacity to store light Goods to avoid waste of resources.

   2) The overall shelf cross, diagonal beam and column are firmly connected: the main consideration is to assemble the components of the shelf, that is, the shelf beam and the column piece are hooked and assembled into a frame, some small shelves will be laid with steel laminates or wooden boards, plug-in installation, no welding , Easy to install and remove.

   3) The shelf and the ground are firmly connected: the main consideration is to fix the heavy-duty shelf film to the ground. Generally, the ground is punched, and the expansion screw is placed, and the screw hole on the shelf foot is firmly fixed. This requires that the number of expansion bolts cannot be Too little.

The following picture is to detect the thickness of plastic powder .


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