How To Prevent Infection By Coronavirus

How To Prevent Infection By Coronavirus

Date:Apr 08, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 are sweeping the world. Until today, more than 1.4 million people have been infected worldwide, and this number will continue to increase this week. Due to the Chinese government's strong measures to control the epidemic, the epidemic was easily controlled within two months, but the outbreak in other countries outside China is spreading, so we will share some of our anti-epidemic measures.

1. Don’t participate in large-scale gatherings, dinners and other relatively closed multi-person activities;

2. Each family arranges for a young person to go out and purchase life supplies on a regular basis;

3. People who go out must wear masks;

4. Wash hands frequently, pay attention to the specifications and selection standards of hand sanitizer;

5. Don't pay too much attention to the epidemic while at home, and protect your family to protect your country;

6. During the epidemic, spend a lot of time with your family and do baking to divert your attention;7. Carry out appropriate indoor exercises to enhance your resistance;

Of course, we know that in many countries around the world, for various reasons, the market is the scarcity of protective materials, especially common mask resources, and there is currently a single purchase channel, so there are many regional advocates who make masks themselves. We encountered this problem in the early stage of the epidemic in China. So how do we make masks? Let me share with you today.

1. Cut the non-woven fabric and gauze in two layers according to the size (slightly 1cm smaller than the upper and lower edges of the non-woven fabric, and the left and right are the same as the non-woven fabric);


2. Fold the upper edge of the non-woven fabric into the covering yarn seam, and the lower edge into the covering yarn seam (the same direction of the folding direction);


3. Pleats are pleated below 4cm on the left and right sides, each fold 2cm, a total of 3 pleats, the direction of the pleats is uniformly downward, the bottom of the mask is about 3cm from the last fold


4. Sewn the two cotton strips separately, and the length of the white band on the upper end of the mask is slightly longer than the lower end, because the upper end needs to be tied on the top of the head, and the lower end is tied on the neck;


5. Cut off the extra thread at the end;


6. The final mask is formed: the upper and lower edges are 18cm long and 9cm wide on both sides.


7. Sterilize the prepared mask.


If you don’t have the above equipment, materials, etc., you can also use common and comfortable cloth products.

If you are not at ease, welcome to contact us. At present, our company is actively investing in the production of medical materials in response to the call. There are a large number of medical and civilian mask resources. You can contact us at any time.

We hope the epidemic will leave as soon as possible, and we hope everyone can return to normal work and survival as soon as possible.

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