How Is The Price Of Storage Shelves Affected

How Is The Price Of Storage Shelves Affected

Date:Apr 03, 2020

The storage shelf is a rack structure, which is particularly used in the warehouse, and a variety of structures can be adapted to the storage needs of different items. So what factors affect the price composition of storage shelves? This question is really difficult to answer. There is not a lot of stock for customers to choose from the storage shelves. Instead, they are designed according to the needs of users and customers, and then they are produced. Before there is no exact storage shelf placement plan, only a reference price can be given!

Types of shelves

There are many types of storage shelves, such as longspan rack, pallet rack, attic rack, gravity rack, mobile rack, narrow aisle rack, shuttle rack, automated three-dimensional warehouses and so on. Each shelf rack has different production procedures and costs.

Shelf materials, size, load, area

The storage shelf determines the cost of each shelf according to the selected materials, specifications and load-bearing capacity.

Under normal circumstances, after the goods are multiple, the specifications of the goods, the quantity of the goods, and how to access the goods are determined, you can consult the professional OTS storage shelf engineer. Of course, the estimated storage shelf cost is very different from the actual cost. After the height and terrain specifications of the warehouse are determined, the cost of the ordered storage shelf can be accurately calculated.

The storage shelf cost must first determine which storage shelf can meet the customer's needs, and then calculate the number of homes based on the size of the warehouse area, or you can calculate it based on the amount you need. If it is an exact quantity, you can directly let the storage shelf manufacturer calculate an accurate value. Only knowing the size of the warehouse and not knowing which storage shelf to use can save costs. Let the designer of our OTS storage shelf make a plan drawing. Screening a satisfactory plan to make a quotation, there is no fixed value for storage shelf costs.

How to calculate the price of shelves

At the same time, the method of calculating storage rack costs is not the same for each storage rack factory. Some storage rack factories are calculated by meters, some are calculated by squares, and some are calculated by weight. OTS shelf is a professional production company. When the company's quoter gives customers a quote, they will seriously consider the customer's needs, give an accurate placement plan, and then give the user a quote. For some people who need to estimate the price, they must first understand the user's situation before they can give an approximate estimated price.

In addition, the cost of storage shelves is related to the materials, specifications, and thickness of the storage shelves. In addition to this, there is a major factor: labor costs. The structure of a storage shelf is very simple and can be prepared in a short period of time, and the cost of the storage shelf is relatively low; the structure of a storage shelf is very complicated. Even if the specifications are not large and the labor costs are high, the storage shelf price is high. In addition, the higher the storage shelf, the greater the production and installation requirements, the greater the difficulty and the higher the price.

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